My name is Jason Smith. I have lived in Bangkok, Thailand for a few years. I run a consulting company working with free software in Southeast Asia, called Proven Corporation.

This web log covers my personal interest, the Thai language, which I study casually. I believe that Thai is an easy spoken language to learn if taught properly. I am particularly interested in isomorphisms, mnemonics, and other tricks that help one to become proficient with Thai. If I notice anything that helps English speakers to better understand Thai, I write about it.

I write about phrases or words as I encounter them, but my conclusions come from interviewing my Thai peers, and are not to be considered definitive. My objective is to compile an extensive collection of unambiguous links between Thai and English. The problem I aim to solve is that obtaining definitive conclusions contrasting Thai and English is very difficult: few native Thai speakers speak English fluently and few Anglophones speak Thai fluently. I know no Thai language academics or even people who formally studied Thai. Day-to-day, I work with Thais mostly in the computing and software industry, so I do the best that I can.

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